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Top 10 Facts about Menopause


When it comes to womens health, menopause is a phase that women either embrace or dread. Though it’s not a particularly exciting stage in a woman’s life, it does signify healthy growth and maturity. After all, there’s more to menopause than absent menstruation and hot flashes. Here’s some need-to-know information regarding this aspect of womens health.



1. Less Than A Year? You’re In The Clear

Menopause begins when you’ve gone one year without a period. Irregular menstrual cycles are not the telltale sign of menopause. While irregularity is indicative of an imminent “change in life,” you’re not yet in the throes of menopause until you’ve gone 12 months period-free.


2. Perimenopause Is A Precursor

Before bidding your period a bittersweet farewell, you’ll experience fluctuating estrogen levels that’ll likely result in irregular periods. What’s more, cycles will vary in their flow as well. Regardless, there’s no reason to be unduly alarmed.


3. Symptoms Include Weight Gain, Memory Loss, And Headaches

With menopause comes an onslaught of side effects. Some of which include frequent mood swings, mild memory loss, tension, and weight gain.

*Side Note: Some women opt for CBD tea to alleviate discomfort and stabilize their moods. CBD tea, a natural remedy, has helped countless women cope with hormonal shifts.


4. Occurs Around Age 50

Once you traveled “over the hill,” you can expect to meet menopause in the near distance. Women undergo menopause anywhere between 45 and 55, making 50 the average age.


5. Early Menopause Exists

Early menopause is not a sham, and it impacts plenty of women. If you experience menopausal side effects before 40, you’re likely going into early menopause.


6. Increases Risk Of Heart Disease

During the early phases of womanhood, estrogen serves as a heart attack-fighting machine. When menopause takes hold, estrogen levels drop. As a result, women become predisposed to heart disease and stroke.


7. Weakens Bones

Studies reveal that menopausal women see a 20 percent drop in their bone density. Health professionals attribute this bone loss to decreased estrogen levels.


8. The Body Still Produces Hormones

Just because menopause has reared its ugly head doesn’t mean your body has stopped generating hormones. The adrenal glands still do their part to produce estrogen and progesterone, but there’s a noticeable decline in the production of these hormones.


9. Pregnancy Is Still A Possibility

Though it may seem out of the realm of possibility, pregnancy is still a viable option for menopausal women. If the eggs are healthy enough, fertility is feasible.


10. Exercise Bodes Well For A Swift Transition

Exercise is the bedrock of good health. This notion rings true for women experiencing menopause as well. Exercise releases natural endorphins that boost serotonin levels and help manage mood swings. If the effects of menopause become unbearable, a mere stroll around the neighborhood may be just what the doctor ordered.

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